Keweenaw Community Forest Company
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The mission of Keweenaw Community Forest Company (KCFC) is to protect the forest heartland of Keweenaw and to maintain landscape-level intact native ecosystems and watersheds through land acquisition, stewardship, management and local cooperation. Keweenaw Community Forest Company secures land and works with partners to protect water quality, preserve native animals, plants and habitats, conserve migratory species, enable trail systems and compatible outdoor recreation, support renewable energy and mitigate climate change. KCFC applies the power of local care, science, knowledge and stewardship to conserve the native forests, wetlands, watersheds and wildlife of Keweenaw by seeking and utilizing effective conservation and wilderness protection approaches. KCFC supports natural science and forestry education and research in Keweenaw and the Lake Superior Watershed.



1. Keweenaw

Keweenaw is our home. Keweenaw is unique. It’s geology and position on Lake Superior shaped its ecosystems and forged its native and copper boom history. As Keweenaw moves beyond an extraction economy, protecting, restoring and understanding its mosaic of natural ecosystems, unique geology and Lake Superior impact become more critical for science, conservation, outdoor recreation, the economy and quality of life. KCFC owns land, works with partners and sponsors scientific research and eduction for the community of Keweenaw.

2. Water

Water quality is quality of life. KCFC protects natural watersheds from contamination, manipulation, and fragmentation. KCFC conserves wetlands and riparian corridors and their natural filtering and storm water mechanisms to preserve clean water, protect private property and public infrastructure, improve native fisheries and help natural ecosystems thrive. KCFC works individually and with partners to protect and restore watersheds that feed Lake Superior.

3. Climate

Climate change can be assuaged by the native forests and wetlands of Keweenaw. Protecting landscape level native habitats and developing alternative and reduced energy approaches will help the climate return to an equilibrium state. KCFC owns and manages forests, wetlands and wilderness areas as passive mitigators of climate change. KCFC supports sustainability and alternative energy research and implementation projects.

4. Sustainability

Keweenaw’s forests are rich with species and value well beyond the current short term harvest and monetization being implemented largely by absentee owners. KCFC strives to both preserve native forests for all of their ecological and intrinsic benefits and to manage working forests to improve forest quality and health, maintain species diversity and maximize value to the land owner through selective and sustainable harvesting.



Keweenaw Community Forest Company provides professional expertise and local knowledge to acquire, monitor and manage land and conservation easements alone and with partners. KCFC sponsors and supports natural science research and education including geology, forestry, migratory species, watersheds, wetlands, fisheries, apex predators and food webs. KCFC supports renewable energy and climate change mitigation.

  • Preserve Management

  • Conservation Easement Baselines and Monitoring

  • Sustainable Forestry and Timber Management

  • Wetlands Mitigation

  • Natural Science Research and Education